Cable Clips

Plastic box packaging Cable Clip

Plastic box packaging Cable Clip

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Detailed introduction

Round cable clip
For use with satellite cable and pump cable
Material: made from PE (white,grey)
Trail: elasticity and shock resisting, inserting type,nail attached in clips
Directions:Place clip over cable and hammer nail gently,ensuringing that it is square in the cable clip.    When fixing to hard brickwork,hammer the nail into a joint wherever possible to ensure a secure fitment.

What can we do for you?

1)We offer sample for free
2)Competitive Price( Factory direct price) .
3)On time delivery 
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5) Professional Technology 
6) Dimensions: As customers' requirement 
7) Quality Control through the whole Manufacturing process
a. Check the material before the production 
b. Have the random inspection during the production 
c. Make the 100% inspection before the shipment

Product data

Item No. High(H) High(H1) Diameter(mm) Nail Size Color
QLSM-3.5MM 4 3.3 3.5 1.5x14  
QLSH-4MM 6.6 4.2 4 1.6x14 White
QLSH-5MM 7.6 5.3 5 1.6x14 Grey
QLSH-6MM 9 6.6 6 1.7x16 Black
QLSH-7MM 11 7.2 7 1.7x16 Brown
QLSH-8MM 11.5 8.6 8 1.8x18 Dark Grey
QLSH-9MM 12 9 9 1.9x19  
QLSH-10MM 13.4 10.5 10 2.0x22  
QLSH-12MM 16 12.5 12 2.1x25  
QLSH-14MM 20.5 15.6 14 2.2x27  
QLSH-16MM 21.7 17 16 2.3x30  
QLSH-18MM 23.5 18.5 18 2.5x32  
QLSH-20MM 23.5 18.5 20 2.5x38  
QLSH-22MM 27.8 22.5 22 2.7x40  
QLSH-25MM 31.6 26 25 2.8x45  
QLSH-30MM 32.6 30 30 3.0x55  
QLSH-32MM 40 33.5 32 3.2x55  
QLSH-35MM 42 41.5 35 3.5x55  
QLSH-40MM 45 42.5 40 3.5x60  

We strongly believe the important of maintaining high quality in all our products. We have brought in advance quality tests as to ensure strict quality control before delivery. We have adopted advance date management system to monitor and to supervise all individual process through our the whole production lines of the product with traceable data in details and recorded at all level . Our product are fully comply with the standard such as CE,ISO9001,ROHS,PAHS and other well recognized stand and requirement.


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