Global nylon cable tie market size

Datetime: 5/12/2018 11:15:00 AM   Visit: 617

Nylon cable ties have the characteristics of fast lashing, good insulation, self-locking and fastening, and convenient use. Different fields and different applications have different technical requirements for nylon cable ties. In recent years, it has benefited from the continuous development of downstream electrical equipment, household appliances, automobile manufacturing, communication equipment, building materials and other industries, and nylon cable ties have better performance and cost advantages than other cable ties and bundled rope products. The global demand for nylon cable ties continues to grow, and the market size is generally expanding. According to the statistics of the China National Plastics Processing Industry Association's wiring equipment special committee, the global nylon cable ties market in 2011 was 5.312 billion yuan. In 2015, the global nylon cable ties market reached 6.501 billion yuan. It is expected that the global nylon market will grow further in 2016-2018, reaching 6.88 billion yuan, 7.505 billion yuan, and 8.163 billion yuan respectively.