The basic theory related to the damage problem of nylon cable tie products

Datetime: 5/12/2018 11:17:00 AM   Visit: 744

It should be pointed out that the traditional brittleness theory and the damage boundary theory all belong to the basic theory related to the damage problem of the nylon cable tie packaging product caused by the simple impact load environment during the circulation process. It is not suitable for the complicated impact load environment Caused by nylon cable tie packaging products impact damage problems.

In the course of transportation, especially the road and rail transport, vibration collision or repeated impact of the product is also one of the important reasons for damage. For example, a truck runs on a cobblestone surface, a trailer with a load behind the truck, and a package that is not tied (good) by the nylon cable tie to break intermittently from the floor or lower package surface In the stacking state transport), are likely to occur this phenomenon of vibration collision. The maximum impact response (ie, "maximum initial response") to the product occurs if the repetitive shock occurs within the impulse duration of the impulse excitation, and the maximum impact response The maximum acceleration response value is less than the product fragile value, the product can be transported safely, and that the second repeated impact and subsequent impact on the product impact response from the impact of the first shock response. However, the inherent frequency of nylon cable ties is low and the pulse duration of impulse excitation is very short (usually less than 25ms). The natural frequency of the nylon cable ties and the pulse frequency of impulse excitation Natural frequency) ratio is very small, so the maximum impact response value of the product always occurs in the pulse duration, namely the "maximum residual response." Therefore, after the first impact, if the second impact occurs continuously, the response value of the second impact will be affected by the impact of the first impact after the impact of impact, nylon cable ties, stainless steel bar Belt, nail line card, nylon cable tie manufacturers of the response value of the superposition of the formation of vibration or repetitive impact of the impact of the impact of the stack after the response effect.

Under normal circumstances, the impact of superimposed effect after the formation of the maximum impact will exceed the impact of a one-time impact of the maximum response value of the product by the nylon cable ties safe transport will cause more serious harm.