Development of nylon cable ties and manufacturer information

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Before the nylon cable ties were not widely marketed, when the conventional technology fixed the wires or objects, the ropes or the ties were also called the ties.

Traditional ropes and cables have slowly withdrawn from the market, and more and more companies and factories have adopted nylon cable ties. This will involve the following aspects.

Development of nylon cable ties and manufacturer information

1. Conventional ropes and cables are generally made of PVC or fiber materials, which in the daily use, will quickly weather or rot over time, causing inconvenience to the objects after use.

2. It is like a traditional PVC cable, which needs to use iron wire to strengthen its toughness and tension. However, because some PVC appearances will be detached or aged for a long time, the wire will be exposed to directly puncture the object, and if When used on electrical appliances, there is a danger of electrical conduction.

3. Whether the rope is still a traditional tie, it is more troublesome in actual operation, and the scale of worker manipulation is difficult to be the same, and the artificial cost is higher. The use of self-locking nylon cable ties is relatively simple, and the same method of using the same scale, to bring higher efficiency to the enterprise.

4. Nylon cable ties have high tensile strength, impact resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, and are used in the industry. Nylon itself has a certain fire rating of 94V2, and these advantages are in the traditional It is not available in the ropes and the tie.

Manufacturer information introduction

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