Nylon cable tie quality judgment test

Datetime: 5/30/2019 3:32:00 PM   Visit: 225

1. Appearance quality (ie, visible to the naked eye)

Conventional plastic products have undesirable products such as rims, lack of material, coke, silver, bubbles, deformation, shrinkage, and the like. These are also easier to visualize on nylon cable ties, so you have to pay attention to the details of the appearance, although some do not affect the use, but it will still threaten the potential threat of quality accidents.

It is worth highlighting that the key part of the nylon cable tie is the quality of the toothed belt part and the head tooth cavity. This is very important, so the toothed belt part should be carefully observed, and the residual tooth phenomenon should not occur. The inner surface of the tooth cavity part should not be the top. There are steps to make the mold deviate from the mark. Otherwise, there will be a large number of slippery teeth that cannot be used. In the case of difficulty in insertion, it is almost equivalent to waste and cannot be used.

These problems are all concerned, such as the simple edge phenomenon, the edge is too large, then the tooth surface of the belt after the insertion and the tooth cavity of the head are not tight and easy to release the sliding teeth.

The conventional rule is that all products, except for special requirements, the best products are the axioms. A good nylon cable tie should be clear and clear, even if the color is slightly yellow, it will not be harmful, and it should not be cloudy or black. The quality of the materials is also a key point of quality. After the plastic is subjected to multiple high-temperature melting screw shearing, the molecular structure state will change, especially for the raw material PA66 for making nylon cable ties. The superior wear resistance and stretchability make this product a rich application in the cable tie.

2. Performance quality

The most important evaluation of nylon cable ties is the release force, which is applied to a certain strength. Whether it is broken or reversed, the head is cracked. How to break the method must be above the nominal value. As for some users, The quality of the cable tie is not good. Some parts are related to the selected specifications. It cannot be said that the quality of the cable tie is not good, because the standard value of the product of a specification is bottomed, and the force required when using the state exceeds the standard. If you are big, you can't guarantee it. You can only choose to replace the product with higher pull specifications. Of course, the cost will rise, and there is no way to do this. Of course, the good quality of the cable tie is flexible, and the ductility is excellent, and there is no direct fracture cross section and no brittleness. In this way, the scope of application of the user's pulling force requirement can be more satisfied, thereby achieving the possibility of reducing the cost.