Nylon cable tie use problem

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We often use nylon cable ties, so we have a certain understanding of the problems that often occur, it is like yellowing, do you know what caused it?

  • 1. The quality of raw materials used in nylon cable ties is not good;
  • 2. The injection temperature in the process is too high;
  • 3. The baking time in production is too long;
  • 4, in the production of mold cooling and timely heat dissipation does not meet the requirements;
  • 5. The post-heat treatment of nylon cable ties is not timely or sufficient;
  • 6. Natural oxidation of nylon cable ties during storage.

Because of its certain water absorption and evaporation, it usually causes yellowing due to evaporation of water or excessive temperature. Therefore, when storing the nylon cable tie in a cool place, if it is brittle when you use it, It can be soaked in warm water for 24 hours to restore softness.

Nylon cable tie use problem

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