Problems when using cable connectors

Datetime: 6/6/2019 2:36:00 PM   Visit: 248

Some electrical installation and construction personnel often pay no attention to the installation quality when laying the wires: no casing should be used at the insulating casing; no junction box should be installed in the junction box; even the wire joint is not used Instead, use a hook-and-loop connection method that violates the rules. The hook-and-loop connection method has a large contact resistance, and heat is generated during energization, which causes the nearby wood boards to gradually dry and char, and finally burns, causing a fire.

The heat of the wire connector not only causes a large amount of power loss, but also seriously affects the normal operation of the electrical equipment. Even if the working current in the line increases, the life of the electrical equipment is shortened, and the heavy production will suddenly interrupt the ongoing production, scientific research, and medical treatment. Surgery and other activities can cause fires and electric shocks, etc., causing incalculable losses.