Stainless Steel Band Vendor

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Yueqing Qiligang Plastic Co., Ltd  was established in 1996, is specialized in manufactuing and selling various plastic products, such as nylon cable ties, nail cable clips, expandnails, nylon cable glands, witing ducts, tube pre-insulating terminals, cable markers, safety-type wire joints, screw on wire co-nnectors, spiral wrapping bands, and set pieces, as well as such metal products as tube nude terminals and copper tube terminals and so on. We have self R&D Team. We can accept constructing plastic mould task if you have special design.

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product description

Plastic Covered Stainless Steel Band

Stainless Steel Band Vendor_Stainless Steel Band

Technical Parameters:

Part No. Width Thickness Length (M/Roll) Color Application Clips
  mm mm M    
QB-C 8mm 8 1.2 20 inner stainless color,outer can be any color L-8 S
QB-C 12mm 14 1.2 20   L-12 S-2
QB-C 16mm 18 1.2 20   L-16 S-2


Stainless Steel Buckle & Clip

Stainless Steel Band Vendor_Stainless Steel Buckle & Clip

  • It is suitable for narrow or inconvenience places. Clips are manufactured from the same 304 grade
  • stainless steel and match the 8mm, 12mm,and 16mm range of bands and per-cut bands.

Technical Parameters:

Part No. Width Package Qautity Application Bands
L-8 S 8 100 8mm width
L-12 S-1 12 100 12mm width
L-12 S-2 14 100 14mm width
L-16 S-1 16 100 16mm width
L-16 S-2 18 100 18mm width