Plastic industry and upstream and downstream

Datetime: 5/12/2018 11:13:00 AM   Visit: 741

The relationship between the plastics industry and the upstream and downstream is mainly:

(1) upstream industry

The upstream raw materials of plastic wiring equipment and related modified plastic products industry include synthetic resins such as PA, PP, PE, PVC, PS, ABS, hardware fittings and auxiliary materials such as copper pipes for terminal blocks and special steel nails.

PA, PP, PE, PVC, PS, ABS and other synthetic resins are extracted from petroleum and natural gas. The upstream industry is mainly in the petrochemical industry. The petrochemical industry is mainly based on extra-large petrochemical processing enterprises. The entry threshold is relatively high, and it is a high-input industry with resource and capital intensive; the copper tube and special steel nails of the terminal are mainly made of brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and stainless steel nails; the auxiliary materials are mainly various additives required for the ingredients.

(2) Downstream industry

The downstream industry mainly involves electrical equipment, household appliances, automobile manufacturing, communication equipment, medical equipment, building materials, decoration and decoration, logistics and packaging, agriculture, electricity, etc. The product audience is relatively wide, the market capacity is large, and it is close to the completely competitive market state. . The demand and development of the downstream industry affect the market size, development speed and product price of the industry. Because plastic wiring equipment products, especially nylon cable ties, have excellent performance and cost advantages, the trend of “reforming wood by plastic” and “making steel by steel” in the downstream industry is becoming more and more obvious, and the application is more and more extensive.