two lock cable tie manufacturer

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Company Profile

Yueqing Qiligang Plastic Co., Ltd  was established in 1996, is specialized in manufactuing and selling various plastic products, such as nylon cable ties, nail cable clips, expandnails, nylon cable glands, witing ducts, tube pre-insulating terminals, cable markers, safety-type wire joints, screw on wire co-nnectors, spiral wrapping bands, and set pieces, as well as such metal products as tube nude terminals and copper tube terminals and so on. We have self R&D Team. We can accept constructing plastic mould task if you have special design.

Our factory Care the quality first, have passed ISO9001,and Most of Our production strictly have passed CE/SGS/REACH/ROHS standards.

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product description

Natural two lock cable tie

two lock cable tie manufacturer_Natural two lock cable tie

Material: Nylon 66,certificated by UL.

Description: Heat resisting,  erosion control,  insulating well and not apt to age.

Operating Temperature: -40℃~80℃.

Color: white(natural color),UV-black. Red,yellow,green,blue,other colors are available as requested.

Usage: For tidying wire and cable installations

Certificates: ISO9002,CE,ROSH, PAHs.

Packing: 100pcs/plastic bag (general export packing),blister packing, plastic bags with the color label, other packing are available as customers’request.


two lock cable tie manufacturer_Natural two lock cable tie drawing


PE spiral winding tape

two lock cable tie manufacturer_ PE Spiral Wrapping Band

PE spiral wound with reinforced plastic for winding forming, using a spiral winding machine to make a winding of a resin-impregnated winding or a spiral winding. The core mold is rotated at a constant speed, and the winding head is guided at a certain speed along the core mold axis. Winding back and forth.


  1.  Anti-pet bite
  2.  Anti-baby electric shock
  3.  Prevent line aging

Scope of application

In addition to being suitable for cables, PE spiral wound tapes can also be used to make cylindrical, spherical products such as gas tanks, corrosion-resistant pipes and other pressure vessels.